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Teac A-2300SX
DESCRIPTION: This was a very popular three motor, two speed, three head deck that wasavailable in the late '70s and early '80s. Styling was the typical brushed aluminum/wood side design. Solenoid transport controls were by square plastic buttons with a considerable range of motion. Separate toggle switches controlled bias and equalization, a feature not found on many  other decks. This model weighed about 41 pounds and cost $619.50 in the 1980 B-A catalog. (Also listed on the same page of the catalog: the model A-4300SX, which was basically a 2300 with added auto reverse capability, which sold for $739.50, and the A-3300SX, which was just  like the 2300 but took 10.5" reels and sold for a whopping $789.50!) (Fun fact! Did you know that TEAC stands for Tokyo Electro Acoustic Corporation?)

COMMENTS: I had a 2300SX a few years ago, but didn't work with it much before I got rid of it,            so I don't remember it that well. I do remember thinking that the Akais beat the pants off of it,             though! I remember very clearly that fast winding the tape was very irritating, as there apparently          weren't any tape lifters, or they weren't working, so  you heard the program material whizzing by           at full volume. The transport mechanisms seemed clunky and noisy. I will say in fairness that the           deck needed work, as I bought it from a repair shop, where it had been taken, then left by the             owner. I also owned a four-track Teac of similar vintage, which didn't impress me very much. It             isn't that there's anything wrong with them, specifically, they just seem like Fords when there are           so many Lincolns out there. Personally, I would look for the Teac X-series from the early and mid          '80s, which represent a great leap forward in technology and functionality. (Note that the Teac X-        series, the X-10, X-10R, etc, later evolved into the Tascam 22-2, 32, 34B, etc.)
A picture from the internet. These Teacs must have been huge sellers in their day because there are just so many of them around now. Funny they put Akai reels on this Teac for the picture.
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